track by text

You don’t need a paper schedule when you’re riding with RTA RideTime. Jimmy learned how… and you can too! Find real time information for when your bus is coming through a mobile app, text message, desktop computer or phone call.

This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to use RTA RideTime’s text feature. Let’s get started.

You can find out when the bus is coming at your stop by texting the stop number to “4-1-4-1-1.” 

The stop number is located here (show bottom of RTA stop sign). Text RTA-space-then the number (7136) and hit send. 

You will receive a message back from the RTA with the current time… and the next bus arrival times for your stop.

You can find your bus by the route number and route name, followed by how many minutes before the arrival of your bus.

To refresh… simply reply “R” to the text, or reply “N” to get additional buses servicing your stop. Type “S” to receive any service bulletins.