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Long-term RTA reroutes and detours

Bus Stops Closed on Watervliet:
Outbound - Stop ID’s - #124, #125, #126,#127, #128, #133, #136 &  #138
Inbound - Stop ID’s  - #151, #153, #154, #155, #157, #160. #161, #162, #165 

Temporary Bus Stops on Wayne:
Outbound -  Stop ID’s -  #1680 Wayne @ Watervliet, #1681 Wayne @ Revere, #1682 Wayne @ King. Wayne @ John Glenn, #1685 Wayne @ Fauver
Inbound - Stop ID’s - #1652 Wayne @ Coventry, #1653 Wayne @ Pershing, #5915 Wayne @ Revere

This story will be continually updated by RTA staff to keep customers up to date with long-term bus reroutes and detours caused by construction or other reasons.

Current long-term reroutes and detours:

Arbor Avenue-- Route 7

Starting Tuesday August 18, 2020, Arbor Ave. will be closed for five weeks, until approximately Sept. 23. Route 7 will reroute as a result and several stops on Arbor Avenue will be closed for the duration. Those stops include:
Stop ID: 168, Arbor at Alice
Stop ID: 170, Arbor at Wyoming
Stop ID: 171, Wyoming at Creighton

Riders should use temporary bus stops on Holly:
Holly at Clarence
Holly at Muncie
Holly at Alice

3rd & Gettysburg in Dayton-- Routes 1, 8, 24, 64

Beginning Monday, July 13, several Greater Dayton RTA buses will be on a detour due to a long-term construction project by the city of Dayton. As a result, several bus stops will be missed.

The intersection of 3rd Street and Gettysburg Avenue in Dayton will be closed for construction through the end of October. Buses will be rerouting due to this work, and several stops will be missed between Calhoun and McCall. Stops for Routes 1, 8, 24, and 64 will be affected. They include:

  • Stop ID 32
  • Stop ID 70
  • Stop ID 7270
  • Stop ID 6435
  • Stop ID 1540
  • Stop ID 2139

3rd & Gettysburg Closure Re-routes

To download map click here

4th Street and Ludlow Street in Dayton-- Routes 1, 2, 4, 8, 19, 43

Stop ID 5918 at 4th and Ludlow in Dayton will be missed due to construction. This stop is served by Routes 1, 2, 4, 8, 19, and 43. Construction is expected to last until July 13. Buses will be rerouted around the construction to 5th and Wilkinson. Please use the stop located at 5th and Wilkinson, Stop ID 1399, during the reroute. 

Albany Street—Route 9

Albany Street will be closed from Kirkham Street to Campbell Street beginning Monday, Jan. 27, as the Ohio Department of Transportation completes bridge repairs. As a result, several RTA bus stops will be closed and buses will be rerouted on Route 9. These closures are expected to last until Aug. 31, 2021. 

The following stop will be closed on Albany: 

•  Stop ID 862 at Cincinnati 

The following stops will be closed on Campbell:

•  Stop ID 829 at Homestead
•  Stop ID 831 & 7262 at Stewart
•  Stop ID 860 at 120 Campbell 

Temporary bus stops have been set up on Cincinnati Street on both sides of the street near the Dunbar Health & Rehab Center.

Third Street Bridge Closure— Routes 1, 2, 4

The Greater Dayton RTA will be rerouting several bus routes and setting up temporary stops in Dayton due to the closure of the Third Street Bridge. The bridge is expected to be closed for the next 22 months as the city of Dayton replaces the bridge. 

The Third Street Bridge between Robert Drive and Edwin C. Moses Blvd closed Jan. 2, 2020. As a result, Routes 1, 2, and 4 will be under a reroute while work is done. 

The following bus stops are closed for Routes 1 and 2 during the bridge work:

•  Stop ID 95 on 3rd at Bank St
•  Stop ID 6481 on 3rd at Edwin C. Moses

Temporary stops have been placed at the following locations for Routes 1 and 2 during the closure. Customers should use one of these stops while the bridge is closed:

•  Stop ID 1323 at Sinclair Building 20 outbound
•  Stop ID 1396 at Sinclair Building 20 inbound

The following bus stops are closed for Route 4 during the bridge work:

•  Stop ID 95 on 3rd at Bank Street
•  Stop ID 6481 on 3rd as Edwin C. Moses
•  Stop ID 3 on 3rd at Perry
•  Stop ID 5 on 3rd at St. Mary’s
•  Stop ID 97 on 3rd at Sinclair College
•  Stop ID 98 on 3rd at Perry 

Temporary stops have been placed at the following locations for Route 4 during the closure. Customers should use one of these stops while the bridge is closed:

•  Stop ID 1320 on 4th at Perry
•  Stop ID 1321 on 4th at Sinclair College
•  Stop ID 1399 on 5th at Wilkinson
•  Stop ID 4342 on 5th at Ludlow 

Riders can use the text feature through RTA’s RideTime technology to find out when their next bus is coming at one of these temporary stops. Text “RTA” with a space and then the Stop ID number above or as it is listed on the sign to 41-411 to receive real-time predictions for bus arrivals. For more information, visit

Construction on Washington Street (downtown Dayton)- Route 9

(Updated 3/4/19)

The Greater Dayton RTA will be closing stops on Washington Street while the City of Dayton works on a construction project on Washington Street between Longworth and Main Street.

During construction Route 9 will reroute and some stops will be missed. All of the bus stops on Washington St. between Longworth and Main Streets will be closed while this construction is ongoing. Please use closest stops at Washington at Longworth or Main at Franklin. 

Construction on 4th and 5th Streets - Routes 8 and 19

Construction work on 4th and 5th streets near Sinclair College will temporary close some RTA stops. The stops 4th @ 340 4th (ID:1322) and 5th @ Perry (ID:1398) are temporary closed at this time. Please use closest stops at 4th at Perry (ID:1320) or 5th at St. Mary's (1397). We will update riders as these stop closures progress.