Bob Ruzinsky

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Ruzinsky, Chief Executive Officer
4 S. Main Street Dayton, OH 45402
Email: [email protected]

chris 2x3

Chief Operating Officer

(Safety & Security, Fixed Route Bus Service Delivery, Bus and Facility Cleanliness, Bus Breakdowns, Trolley System)

Chris Cole, Chief Operating Officer
600 Longworth Street Dayton, OH 45402
Email: [email protected]


Customer Service, Service Planning & Business Development

(Connect Services, Link Bike Share, Community Relations, Call Center, Bus Scheduling and Planning, Route Amenity Requests and Information)

Brandon Policicchio, Chief Customer & Business Development Officer
4 S. Main Street Dayton, OH 45402
Email: [email protected]

Jessica sm2

Communications, Media & Marketing

(RTA Events, Website, Social Media, Media Inquiries)

Jessica Olson, Communications Manager
4 S. Main Street Dayton, OH 45402
Email: [email protected]