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Transit Access Fund


Transit Access Fund Kit


The RTA Transit Access Fund exists to provide reliable transportation to economically disadvantaged job ready citizens in the Greater Dayton area. Our mission is to be a partner in assuring access to job-related services as individuals work toward self-sufficiency.

RTA Transit Access Fund (TAF)

RTA has stepped up with an initiative aimed at providing increased transportation access to agencies that deliver job accessibility programs to those hit hardest by the economic downturn. The RTA Transit Access Fund provides assistance to social service agencies that provide jobs or job ready activities for low-income individuals. This community fund is designed to help the unique transportation challenges faced by low-income job seekers in obtaining and maintaining employment. The RTA TAF establishes Agency Partnership Agreements through the RTA Transit Access Funds established at the Dayton Foundation to distribute RTA Tokens to Agency clients based on job access needs.

Transit Works

We recognize many individuals in our community are capable and ready to work to support themselves and their families. Unfortunately, many lack the resources to ready themselves for employment. Our assistance fund will rapidly respond to the unmet needs of unemployed and underemployed workers, helping preserve their dignity, provide the transportation needed to look for a job and give them hope for the future.

Transit Focused

Our fund has one key focus area, transportation for job access. The access fund initiative supports work trips, job training and workforce development programs. The fund is dedicated to improving access to employment and employment related activities for welfare recipients and eligible low-income individuals.

Local Community Contribution

The RTA Transit Access Fund is administered by the Dayton Foundation. We have received our initial funding through a federal grant and an anonymous donor. We believe in giving back locally. Through our Transit Access program, donors are able to support the needs of our community by providing support to a fund working to improve the lives of our neighbors.

If you or your organization would like to make a tax- deductible contribution, please contact Barbara Chamberlain at 937-425-8331 or


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