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Transit app is now the official GDRTA mobility app platform


Dayton, Ohio — The Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority today announced Transit as the all-in-one mobility platform for Dayton. Transit is now the official real-time information and trip-planning mobile application for Dayton’s public transportation system, and Transit’s multimodal integrations will help RTA achieve its goal of making it easy for Daytonians get around without using their own cars.

Transit, the leading transport app in North America, counts millions of active users in more than 175 cities worldwide, including thousands in Dayton each month.

Upon launching Transit, users see nearby transit options and departure times in big text and bright colors. Riders can easily navigate the region, aided by accurate real-time RTA bus tracking, Link Dayton Bike Share availability, multimodal trip planning, and step-by-step navigation with Transit’s GO feature.

Transit also offers first- and last-mile connections to RTA with its Transit+ feature, which offers a simple multimodal experience. For trips best served by combining public transportation and ridehail, Transit will suggest taking an Uber or Lyft part of the way, and connecting with RTA service. This first-of-its kind feature allows users to plan, book, and pay for a ridehail trip, while getting real-time updates on their RTA connections — all in one app.

Since the Transit+ feature launched in Dayton in November 2018, trip plans that combine RTA and ridehail have been chosen by Transit users more than 1,000 times.

RTA and Transit will work together to integrate new options, building off Transit’s successful partnerships in Ohio, such as the ability to buy passes and unlock bikes for CoGo, Columbus’ bikeshare system. As additional services are made available in Dayton in the future, RTA and Transit will work together to integrate them into the app — such as the ability to purchase RTA tickets and passes, and book trips for new demand-responsive options or other mobility modes.

“Our goal is to deliver a seamless, accessible, customer-focused mobility experience for all. RTA’s partnership with Transit will help deliver this vision to our customers through a one-stop shop mobile application,” said Brandon Policicchio, chief customer and business development officer of Dayton RTA.

RTA joins dozens of other public transit agencies across North America that have partnered with Transit, including Cleveland’s RTA, Boston’s MBTA, St. Louis’s Metro, Baltimore’s MDOT MTA, Tampa Bay’s PSTA, Silicon Valley’s VTA and Montreal’s STM.

“Partnering with a single app that prioritizes transit makes it clear where the public can find information and complete their trips,” said Jake Sion, chief operating officer of Transit. “More than 35,000 people already use Transit across Ohio each month, making us the state’s proven mobility platform. We’re excited to work with RTA to see more people using Transit as part of their daily routine.”

In addition to helping riders access a comprehensive, easy-to-use and widely adopted app, through this partnership, RTA will also receive anonymized usage data and app customizations to better serve its riders, such as the ability to contact RTA directly through the app.

Transit is available to download for iPhone and Android at