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RTA to offer new monthly paratransit pass

 For Immediate Release

CONTACT:  Jessica Olson (937) 425-8352, Communications Manager

(DAYTON, OHIO) … The Greater Dayton RTA will begin to offer a new way for paratransit customers to pay for their trips with the RTA Connect Paratransit Monthly Pass, which will go on sale May 21.

The monthly paratransit pass will be valid for unlimited rides during a calendar month, beginning on the first of the month and expiring on the last day of each month. Each pass will be color-coded and will list the month of use on the front of the pass. Customers can purchase the passes for $115 from the pass outlets at Wright Stop Plaza in downtown Dayton and RTA’s Northwest Transit Center in Trotwood.

“This RTA Paratransit Monthly Pass will be a benefit to the many customers who frequently use our paratransit service,” said Sally Brown, RTA manager of Alternative Transit Solutions.

Currently the price for a one-way trip on RTA Connect Paratransit services costs $3.50 for traditional or $5 for county-wide trips. If a customer takes RTA Connect Paratransit 5 days a week to and from a doctor’s appointment, work or daily errands, they are spending $35 a week, or $140 a month.

“These customers can see a large cost savings if they use our new pass,” Brown said.

The monthly paratransit passes will also be available for purchase over the phone by calling the RTA Accounting Office at 937-425-8464 or 937-425-8461. Customers can mail their payment to RTA Accounting, 4 S. Main St., Dayton OH 45402. Passes that are sent in to the mail could take up to a week to be delivered once payment is received. Credit cards, money orders and checks may be accepted for payment for those requesting a pass to be mailed to them.

“With the ‘calendar month’ use of this new pass, we urge customers to start using the pass at the beginning of each month to benefit the most from cost-saving value,” Brown said.

The RTA provides more than 1,600 trips each month on its RTA Connect paratransit services, with more than 5,000 customers relying on the RTA for 200,000 trips each year.

Learn more about the RTA Connect Paratransit services on our website at or call the RTA Call Center at 937-425-8300.