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RTA RideTime puts riders in control of their trip

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(DAYTON, OHIO)… The power to track your next bus and plan your next trip is now available in the palm of your hand thanks to RTA’s new RideTime products. Customers will have the opportunity to try these new products as well as win prizes during the RideTime public launch slated for Tuesday, December 6 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. inside the concourse at Wright Stop Plaza, 4 South Main Street.

RideTime is part of a $13 million investment to upgrade the agency’s technology. The products include a text, call-in, and online feature along with Transit app, allowing for reliable and accessible options to track your next bus.

During the public launch, customers will get an up-close look at how RideTime works by tracking RTA’s CEO Mark Donaghy live using RideTime technology as his bus travels across Dayton to Wright Stop Plaza. With the push of button, Donaghy and RTA board members will make RideTime go “live” by activating the transit center real time display boards at each of the bus bays.

Customers will be able to try out the products themselves, using text, computer, phone and an app to track any bus anytime, anywhere to any stop. Plan your trip and know exactly when your bus is coming, down to the minute. Customers will receive a prize for each product they demo, as well as a chance to win an iPad or free yearlong pass to ride the RTA.

Completed on time and under budget, the RideTime project was made possible through an $8.5 million investment by RTA to upgrade it’s on board technology across its fleet. RideTime was the largest component of the $13 million technology investment which included upgrades to on-board communication and camera systems to ensure safe, reliable and accessible services for RTA riders and employees.

How-to guides, videos and links for how to use each of the products are available at Information can also be found on the agency’s Twitter and Facebook pages. The Transit app can be downloaded in the App Store or via Google Play.  

You’ll never need a paper schedule again and will always be on time with RTA RideTime. Now it’s time to ride!

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