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RTA receives over $6 million in new state funding

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(DAYTON, Ohio)… The Greater Dayton RTA was awarded more than $6 million in new state funding by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). The award is part of nearly $45 million in state general revenue funding through this first-time competitive program of state funds, also known as OTP2, to provide aid to 24 urban and 20 rural transit agencies, as well as $16.6 million in Urban Transit Program funding for Ohio’s 27 urban transit systems to be used to support the maintenance of transit assets.

Both programs are part of the $70 million that the Ohio General Assembly approved in the most recent two-year state transportation budget. This money comes from Ohio's general revenue fund and is not generated by the state motor fuel tax.

Dayton RTA funded projects include:

  • $375,000 in operating support to fund the 4th “Flyer” bus added to this popular, free downtown circulator service in 2019 to meet growing customer demand.
  • $686,000 to fund part of an order for 7 new 35’ buses to replace older “Flyer” bus models, along with a new community outreach bus.
  • $2,240,000 to fund part of an order of 12 dual-mode NexGen buses to replace 21-year-old electric trolley buses.   
  • $500,000 to be used toward electric infrastructure system rebuilds.
  • $200,000 to be used toward a new mobile fare payment project.
  • $2,093,000 to help fund the maintenance of RTA buses and facilities.

“These funds will have tremendous impact not only in Dayton, but across the state, in helping public transit providers replace and maintain the vehicles and assets our riders use and depend upon every day,” said Robert Ruzinsky, deputy CEO of RTA.  “In addition, transit systems will be able to start meeting the unique needs of younger riders who actively seek out public transit services, but desire them to be technology-based.”

Statewide, ODOT funding will be used for replacing buses and rail cars, operating assistance, preventive maintenance, rail track rehabilitation, passenger shelters, scheduling and dispatching software, garage equipment, and surveillance and security equipment.

"This unprecedented support for public transportation allows us to leverage federal grant dollars along with state funds to reimburse agencies for providing reduced fares to seniors and individuals with disabilities," said Chuck Dyer, administrator of the ODOT Office of Transit. "This also enables transit agencies to provide an environment for the strategic planning of increased ridership, regionalization and coordination, alternative fuels, healthcare access, and the economic mobility of Ohio residents." 

This funding represents the first year of the two-year funding authorization.

“We are appreciative of the funding and will work statewide to ensure we leverage these funds to demonstrate how public transit works to ensure all Ohio residents have access to jobs, medical appointments, and educational opportunities.” Ruzinsky said. “Public transit should be viewed as a key partner in improving our communities and the quality of life for everyone. 

RTA is Ohio’s greenest fleet, and serves over 3,000 stops on 31 routes throughout Montgomery and parts of Greene County. The agency operates diesel, hybrid diesel, and electric trolley buses that take people to work, school and shopping. Customers ride RTA on more than 9 million passenger trips each year. RTA is committed to providing the highest levels of customer service as the region’s first choice for alternative transportation.