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RTA Announces Service Updates Beginning on Sunday, October 25

For Immediate Release

CONTACT:  Jessica Heffner (937) 425-8352

(Dayton)-- The Greater Dayton RTA responds to the needs of customers, communities and businesses by periodically adjusting bus service.  A service change affecting a small number of routes will begin on Oct. 25, 2015. 

“This October update is helpful to RTA riders in the Trotwood area whose travel will be impacted by the closure of the Broadway Street bridge,” said Director of Planning and Marketing Frank Ecklar. 

Effective Sunday, October 25, 2015

Route 14 - Due to the closure of the Broadway Street bridge in Trotwood the route will detour via Olive Road to serve the Whispering & Sparks loop weekday, Saturday and Sunday. The additional time required caused several trips to shift and the elimination of some trips to the Whispering & Sparks loop.  The following trips will not service the loop: weekday southbound 12:08 p.m., 2:18 p.m., 3:36 p.m., 4:35 p.m. & 5:45 p.m. trips.  Weekday northbound 7:01 a.m., 9:19 a.m., 10:21 a.m. & 12:42 p.m. The Saturday southbound 11:12 a.m. and 12:52 p.m. trips. The Sunday northbound 5:43 a.m., 7:26 a.m. & 2:07 p.m. trips.

Route 19 - The weekday northbound 5:36 p.m. trip serving Brightwood College (formerly Kaplan College) was eliminated due to low ridership and to improve on time performance. Customers can still use the weekday northbound 5:58 p.m. trip.

Route 22 - Several early AM northbound and southbound weekday trips between Towne Center and WSP were shifted 10 minutes earlier to improve service for employees at Cargill.

Route 24 - Added a weekday northbound trip leaving the Northwest Transit Center serving Meijer in Englewood at 8:23 p.m. Shifted the Sunday northbound 8:11a.m. trip 3 minutes earlier to increase the transfer time at the Westown Transit Center.

Route 43 - Additional weekday northbound trip leaving Wright Stop Plaza at 6:13am and weekday southbound 6:07 p.m. trip leaving Proctor & Gamble due to passenger demand. Added a Saturday & Sunday southbound 7:45 p.m. trip leaving Proctor & Gamble to accommodate a new work shift time.

Route 60 -  Shifted weekday, Saturday and Sunday trips all day to increase on-time performance of the route.

November 16, 2015 Service Adjustment

Route 7 - Due to the City of Dayton construction project on Warren Street, the route will be moved back to Wyoming Street to Main Street in both directions for weekday, Saturday and Sunday service. The weekday southbound 2:45 p.m. trip leaving Shoup Mill & Sue Anne was shifted 10 minutes earlier.