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RTA Announces Service Changes Beginning on Sunday, June 5

CONTACT:  Jessica Heffner, Marketing Manager (937) 425-8352

(Dayton) …  The Greater Dayton RTA periodically adjusts bus service in response to the needs of customers, communities and businesses.  A service change affecting six RTA routes will begin on Sunday, June 5, 2016. “This June update is especially helpful to workers and those who need jobs,” said Director of Planning and Marketing Frank Ecklar.  “In some cases, trips have been shifted to better accommodate work schedules.”

Fuyao North America, Proctor & Gamble, and the Mahle-Behr facility are the businesses most affected; The Job Center has a new bus stop, and RTA has adjusted the timing on a few other routes.  There is new service to the Dora Tate Center on Infirmary Road. 

RTA customers seeking additional information regarding specific route changes and timing changes may log on to, click on “schedules” then choose their usual route under “Select A Route.”  Customers may also contact the call center at 425-8300 for more information on their specific route.   

Trip planning is easy via Google Trip Planner.  Log on to the RTA website, then click on the Google logo at the bottom left.  Enter your departure location and your destination.  The Google Trip Planner will map out the best way to take your trip, including all bus routes and times.   

RTA System Service Changes
Effective June 5, 2016

Route 2 - Timing adjustments on all weekday westbound trips at 5th and High between 3-6 pm. Trips will arrive 2 minutes earlier in that timeframe.

Route 9 - The Job Center routing was adjusted to serve the new bus stop at the rear of the facility off Hopeland Avenue.

Route 18 - Added weekday southbound trips leaving Wright Stop Plaza at 7:13 pm & 11:00 pm, and weekday northbound trip leaving 1st & Central at 8:06 pm to serve the Fuyao North America facility in Moraine.

Route 22 - Routing adjustment to serve Keowee Street to right on Webster Street, to left on Stanley to serve the Mahle-Behr Dayton facility on Webster Street both directions. Routing adjustment to serve the new Job Center turnaround via right on Albany Street, left on Hopeland Street, and left into the Job Center. Route will continue on Hopeland to Stewart, to Cincinnati to Ohio Rehabilitation Services & Gateway in both directions.

Route 41- New Service: Routing adjustment to Dora Tate Center bus stop on Infirmary Road to service the Nicholas Treatment Center on all eastbound and westbound trips.  Route will no longer serve the Johnsville/Farmersville Road loop on the 6:55 am and 5:50 pm trips.

Route 43 - Added a weekday northbound trip leaving the Northwest Transit Center at 6:15pm to serve the P& G distribution center in Union.   Added a weekday southbound trip leaving P&G at 6:50 pm to serve Wright Stop Plaza.