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Long-term RTA reroutes and detours

Last updated on 10/2/19

This story will be continually updated by RTA staff to keep customers up to date with long-term bus reroutes and detours caused by construction or other reasons.

Current long-term reroutes and detours:

1. Route 19 and 24 stops closed on Southbound 741

(Updated 8/29/19) Construction on Ohio State Route 741 in the SOUTHBOUND lanes of  741 will result in the temporary closure of multiple SOUTHBOUND Route19 and 24 stops on S.R. 741 between the White Allen Dealership and S.R. 725. Customers should use the closest stops at Betty or at Prestige.
These stops are expected to be closed until later this fall.

2. South Dixie Dr./Schantz Bridge - Route 11 detour and Route 18 stops closed

(Updated 8/26/19)

Starting April 1, 2019, the City of Kettering will begin a street and bridge construction project on S. Dixie Avenue between Springhill Avenue and Carillon Boulevard.

During this project, RTA Route 11 will reroute, but no Route 11 stops will be missed.

The SOUTHBOUND reroute will be: From Schantz, left onto Patterson, right onto Crauder, right onto Sacramento, left onto Dixie to regular routing.

The NORTHBOUND reroute will be: From DIxie, right onto Sacramento, left onto Crauder, left onto Patterson, right onto Schantz to normal routing.

Route 18 will run as normal during the construction on South Patterson/Dixie between Carillon Boulevard and Springhill Avenue and no stops will be closed at this time.

This construction is expected to last into November 2019. 

3. Construction on Washington Street (downtown Dayton)- Route 9

(Updated 3/4/19)

The Greater Dayton RTA will be closing stops on Washington Street while the City of Dayton works on a construction project on Washington Street between Longworth and Main Street.

During construction Route 9 will reroute and some stops will be missed. All of the bus stops on Washington St. between Longworth and Main Streets will be closed while this construction is ongoing. Please use closest stops at Washington at Longworth or Main at Franklin. 

4. Construction on 4th and 5th Streets - Routes 8 and 19

(Updated 3/4/19)

Construction work on 4th and 5th streets near Sinclair College will temporary close some RTA stops. The stops 4th @ 340 4th (ID:1322) and 5th @ Perry (ID:1398) are temporary closed at this time. Please use closest stops at 4th at Perry (ID:1320) or 5th at St. Mary's (1397). We will update riders as these stop closures progress.  

5. Keowee Street bridge construction closure causes RTA Route 17 detour

(updated 10/2/19)

Construction on the Keowee Street bridge is now over and all stops for the RTA Route 17 are back open.

6. Main Street bridge construction detour - Routes 8, 12, 65 and 7

The Greater Dayton RTA will reroute several of its fixed route bus services for several months as Main Street bridge undergoes construction.

Construction on the bridge is expected to last through the fall of 2019, according to City of Dayton officials. Routes 8 and 12 will be rerouted daily during the construction. Some RTA routes that normally run on electric trolley lines will use diesel buses during the construction.

During some phases of the construction, the Main Street bridge will be closed from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. During these times, intermittent reroutes will also be in effect.

Route 8:  All stops in both directions on Riverview Avenue between Main and Grafton Avenue will be missed during the reroute. Northbound buses will use Monument to Riverview to regular routing on Salem. Southbound from Salem will continue across Salem to First Street and right on Ludlow to the regular route.

Route 12: Northbound stops on West Riverview Avenue between Main Street and Great Miami Boulevard will be missed. Northbound buses will use Monument to Riverview to Forest to the regular route. Southbound routing will result in the southbound stops on Riverview being missed as Route 12 will use the First Street Bridge to access Ludlow Street and back to regular routing.

Route 65: No stops will be missed, but the northbound Route 65 cannot turn left from Main Street to Riverview, so it will be rerouted from Main Street up to Great Miami, left onto Riverview and then left onto McDaniel to regular routing.

Route 7: Route 7 will only detour during the intermittent night closures of the Main Street Bridge. During those times, stops on Monument and the stops on Main Street between Monument and Babbit Street in both directions will be missed. Northbound trips will take Jefferson onto First Street, to Patterson (turns into Riverside), left onto Babbitt and right onto regular routing on Main Street. Southbound trips from Main will turn left onto Babbitt, right onto Riverside, right on Monument and left onto Ludlow Street to regular routing.