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Greater Dayton RTA to partner with Ford to expand services

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CONTACT:  Jessica Olson (937) 425-8352, Communications Manager

(DAYTON, OHIO) …The Greater Dayton RTA will be joining forces with the Ford Motor Company in a first-of-its kind project to offer transportation in the region with Ford GoRide Health.

Under the RTA Connect family of services, Ford’s GoRide Health will add a new channel of transportation for RTA paratransit customers. Ford GoRide Health is a startup, non-emergency medical transportation service featuring professional drivers, wheelchair-accessible properly outfitted vehicles. Expecting to deliver thousands of rides per day across the nation by the end of the year, the service is quickly gaining momentum based on a foundation of trust – delivering a reliable, safe, quality service built upon healthcare compliance.

GoRide’s announcement of working with the RTA in Dayton is the company’s first venture into a partnership with a public transportation provider. As the region’s public transportation provider, RTA Chief Customer and Business Development Officer Brandon Policicchio said the RTA strongly believes in seeking and developing partnerships that increase mobility access for the citizens of this region.

“RTA’s partnership with GoRide is a great example of RTA’s ability to coordinate and connect the community with a highly qualified mobility provider,” Policicchio said. “GoRide will expand, enhance, and complement existing RTA and other mobility services within the region”

GoRide began providing trips for the RTA in the beginning of May and will increase operations in the coming months. Paratransit customers in Dayton will continue to schedule trips with the RTA as normal.

“What makes the partnership noteworthy is GoRide’s commitment and support of RTA’s goal to coordinate all the region’s mobility services so that through one call, or one tap of the app made to RTA, every citizen will get the ride they need,” Policicchio said.

GoRide offers an on-demand option that is useful for customers with disabilities or that require an accessible vehicle. All GoRide drivers are HIPAA compliant and professionally trained to safely assist passengers said Minyang Jiang (MJ), CEO of GoRide Health.

“Ford GoRide Health is growing rapidly and Dayton’s launch to all of their residents is a great example of how city officials around the country are looking for trustworthy partners to help make their transportation offerings even better,” MJ said. “Our goal is to connect people with access to healthcare, food, medicine, and other services safely, reliably and on time.”

Both GoRide and the RTA said this partnership helps work toward their goals of making cities more mobility inclusive. More information about RTA paratransit services can be found at