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Greater Dayton RTA Announces Expanded Service Changes Beginning August 30

For Immediate Release

CONTACT: Frank Ecklar 425-8330

Changes occur every day to roads, businesses and communities that affect RTA’s transportation network. RTA responds to these changes by adjusting and modifying its bus service three times each year.

"We listen carefully to the needs of our customers, area communities, and local businesses to help us make those adjustments periodically," said RTA Director of Planning and Marketing Frank Ecklar. "The August service change is good news for many people because it includes an expansion of service," he added.

Route 60 will extend to Austin Landing to service the expanding growth there. The frequencies will improve as well. Route 34 will also be extended.

"The overall goal of service changes is to make the transit system as efficient as possible, improve the speed and convenience of your bus trips, and deliver service you can rely on," said Mark Donaghy, RTA Executive Director.

RTA Expanded Service Change Summary
Effective Sunday, August 30, 2015

Route 60 will extend to Austin Landing via Byers Rd, Austin Blvd and SR 741 to South Transit Center to service the expanding growth and job opportunities. Several weekday trips will extend to service Sourcelink and other businesses located in South Tech Business Park. Weekday and Saturday frequencies improve to 35-50 min. from 60 min. Sunday frequencies change from 60 to 45-70 min. Service is extended later at night on all days. Midday connections will be added between Metropolitan Life and Austin Landing.

Route 34 will be extended to service Lau, Hoke and Smith Rds. via Westbrook on weekdays and Saturday to improve service to the MV Career Centers, Caterpillar, SKTech, Exel and several other businesses in the area. Various trips will extend to service Sinclair Community College satellite campus in Englewood at the YMCA building. Extension will provide transfer opportunities between routes 16 and 34. Saturday frequencies will increase from 80 to 60 minutes until 6:30pm.

Several trips will be added earlier in the morning on Routes 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, and 12 weekdays for improved connections to routes and to accommodate early work shifts.

Various weekday and Saturday trips will be shifted to improve on-time performance during the day. City Routes (1- 9, 12, X5, 22) and County/Rural Routes (11, 14-19, 40, 43) Night line-up trips will be shifted 5-20 minutes later in the evening for improved on-time performance and later service in the evening for all service days.

Routes 5 and 14 will be detoured off of Warren/Brown to Main St. between Washington St. and Caldwell St. and operate on Caldwell St. to regular route on Brown during Warren St. construction project. Construction is scheduled to begin in September and will last approximately one year.

Route 7 will return to regular route on Main St. to Wyoming St. when the Main. St. project is completed in several months.

Route 22 will have two additional week night trips leave from WSP at 6:30 pm and 7:45 pm and service Gateway. All weekday trips after 6:30 pm will be extended from Gateway to Westown Transit Center via Gettysburg, Germantown, Liscum and Third St.

Routes 23 and 24 will have many trips shifted 1-12 minutes all days for improved on-time performance.

Route 61 will be re-routed northbound to service SR 725, Byers Rd and Lyons Rd to South Transit Center in place of Prestige Plaza and Prestige Place to Kingsridge Rd. The southbound route will be re-routed from Miami Village Dr./SR 741 to north on SR 741 to Spring Valley Dr. and return to Hunt and Newmark to South Transit Center. It will continue service to Metropolitan Life. Service hours and frequency will remain similar to current service. Several weekday trips will also service Watertower Lane.

RTA customers seeking additional information regarding specific route changes may log on to: , click on "schedules" then choose their usual route under "Select A Route." The specific Upcoming Schedule Changes that will take place Sunday August 30 are indicated in the lower left area of that page. Customers may also contact the call center at 425-8300 for more information.

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