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Creating equity with the launch of RTA fare capping

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MEDIA CONTACT:  Jessica Olson (937) 425-8352, Communications Manager

(DAYTON, OHIO)…Beginning February 1, the Greater Dayton RTA will offer customers a more cost-friendly payment experience with the introduction of fare capping via Tapp Pay, RTA’s mobile ticketing app, to save them money on transit. 

With fare capping, customers will be limited, or capped, in the amount they pay within a given timeframe once they have ridden enough times to accumulate the equivalent of a daily or 31-day monthly pass. This means no matter how many essential trips a customer takes throughout a given day or rolling 31-day period, any additional trips during that period of time will be no charge. As a result, starting February 1, customers will be capped at $3 daily and $30 within a rolling 31-day period when using Tapp Pay.

“Traditional transit fare systems have created a situation where customers who are least able to afford the upfront costs of a monthly pass end up paying more, but also end up traveling less by the end of the month. Fare capping solves this,” said Brandon Policicchio, RTA’s Chief Customer & Business Development Officer.

Fare capping is the next step in RTA’s contactless payment system. Initially, fare capping will only apply to Tapp Pay customers on the Transit app; however, RTA plans to expand its new payment system later this year by adding smartcards. This will extend fare capping to all RTA customers, including those without a smartphone. A debit or credit card may be used to add value to a customer’s Tapp Pay account to pay for bus fare, or they can use cash by using one of RTA’s sales outlet. A complete list of outlets is available on the agency’s website, and more sites will be added throughout the coming year.

Customers can create a Tapp Pay account by downloading the Transit app available in both Google Play & App stores. For more information, visit RTA’s website at