Savings Calculator

The price of gasoline has reached record levels, but fuel is only one of the costs of choosing to drive to work.

As the table below shows, the costs of gasoline, parking and vehicle maintenance can quickly add up.

With one-way trips costing $1.75 and a monthly pass for unlimited rides costing $55, the savings realized by riding RTA to work adds up just as fast.

Enter your information into the table to calculate your monthly and annual costs of driving to work, and see how much you could save by riding RTA.


Yearly cost of commuting by automobile $2,299.58
Yearly cost of commuting by public transportation $960.00
Your annual savings by using public transportation $1,339.58
If you can live with one less vehicle in your household, you would save $7,339.58


* Based on the following estimates for increased costs of maintenance and tire replacement per mile:

Small Car
per mile
Medium Car
per mile
Large Car
per mile
per mile
per mile
Maintenance 3.98 cents 4.29 cents 4.69 cents 4.76 cents 4.83 cents
Tires 0.55 cents 0.85 cents 0.77 cents 0.67 cents 0.74 cents

Assumes the employee pays 28% in federal income tax, 3% in state income tax, 7.65% in FICA, and takes the full deduction each month.