What is RTA Tapp Pay?

Tapp Pay allows you purchase RTA passes on your smart phone with a valid debit or credit card, from within Transit app.

Does Tapp Pay replace existing payment methods for RTA services?


How do I know if I can use Tapp Pay?

If you have a valid debit or credit card and smart phone capable of downloading the FREE Transit app from the Apple or Google Play store, you are can use it. Transit is available on the majority of iOS (Apple) or Android devices installed with recent (2 years or less) operating systems. Older versions of software may not be supported.

iOS Download link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/transit-subway-bus-times/id498151501

Android Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thetransitapp.droid

Are there any fees for using Tapp Pay passes?

No. However, you may incur data usage fees via your cellular service provider for use of the application. RTA is not responsible for any mobile carrier data charges that a customer incurs as a result of purchasing or using the Transit/Tapp Pay. 

Do I need to set up an account to be able to use Tapp Pay?

Yes. After downloading Transit, you will need to provide your email, first and last name, and your debit or credit card information.

Where can I use Tapp Pay?

You can use Tapp Pay on all RTA buses and Connect Paratransit.

What types of passes can I purchase via Tapp Pay?

RTA is working to add all fare types into the system. Currently, most bus and all Connect paratransit passes are available. Please verify RTA fare policies in advance of travel at http://www.i-riderta.org/how-to-ride/fares-passes.

How do I use my Tapp Pay pass?

After purchasing your pass and using for the first time, simply activate the pass (when prompted) just prior to boarding the vehicle and show the driver your smartphone screen displaying the pass. If you are utilizing a reduced fare, you must also show the driver your proof of eligibility.

How does the driver know I have a valid pass?

The driver will visual inspection your pass by checking various activity and colors on your smartphone screen indicating that it is valid. The driver may also ask to confirm that your pass is valid by showing more information under ‘Details’ which is located in the bottom right corner of the pass screen.

If I bought a day, weekly, or monthly pass, do I need to activate it each time I travel?

No. Activation is only required for the first time using the pass. After that, go to your ‘digital wallet’ within the Transit app by clicking the bar at the bottom the screen each time you want to board the vehicle and select “show” just prior to boarding.

One way passes require activation prior to each boarding as these are only active for several minutes.

How do one way passes work?

With a one way pass, you can ride one time (single trip) to the end-of-the bus route and then ride back to or beyond your point of origin. No transfers.

Can I transfer to other routes with a Tapp Pay pass?

Yes. As long as your day, week or monthly pass is active. You can check the end time of an already activated pass by pressing the ‘Details’ button on the pass. One way passes cannotbe used to transfer.

If I am traveling with friends and family, can I activate more than one pass on my smart phone and pay for them?

Yes. Simply purchase the necessary number of passes you need. You can activate multiple passes one at a time through the ‘Settings’ gear icon on the main Transit screen. When boarding, show the driver your pass and the passes of those you are traveling with by using the arrow keys to flip between active passes.

When traveling on Connect Paratransit, does my Personal Care Attendant need a pass?


If I am a Connect Paratransit customer traveling on the bus, do I need a pass?

No, you simply show your valid Connect Paratransit identification card and board at no charge.

Do I or children traveling with me that are age 12 and under need a pass?

No. However, if the children are age 12 and under but over 60 inches tall, you or the child are required to show proof of age.

Do Tapp Pay passes expire if never activated?

Yes. Passes expire 365 days from date of purchase.

Are there refunds?

No. Passes are non-refundable and have no cash or credit value.

Are receipts available for Tapp Pay purchases?

Receipts are available and sent from ‘noreply@justride.com’, after all purchases, to the email provided on your Tapp Pay account. If you don’t see the email, check your junk mailbox.

Will Tapp Pay store my debit or credit card details?

No but you have an option to store your debit or credit card details for future transactions.

Why am I prompted for my CVV every time I purchase a pass?

This is a security measure to protect you in the event of a lost or stolen smart phone.

Are security protections are in place to protect my personal information?

Yes. Tapp Pay is fully certified and compliant with Payment Card Industry Standards (PCI-DSS). All payment communications are fully encrypted via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and any sensitive data stored is highly encrypted and systems are constantly monitored for security vulnerabilities.

Will my pass still work if I lose cellular or WiFi connectivity when boarding the vehicle?

Yes. Purchased passes do not require cellular or WiFi connectivity to activate and you will be able to show and display the pass from the Transit app when boarding.

However, you do need connectivity to purchase a pass, which must be done prior to boarding.

What happens if my smart phone becomes inoperable (i.e. battery dead) prior to being able to show my pass?

Customers prior to boarding the vehicle, are responsible for providing a valid form of payment, ensuring an appropriate account or fare, and having a smart phone in working condition prior to boarding. If your smartphone is inoperable it is expected that you use another payment method.

What happens if I lose my smart phone or buy a new one?

If you need to change your smart phone (lost, theft, upgrade), you can transfer any valid, unused passes to that phone if you have purchased the passes using a registered account. To transfer your unused passes and account to a new phone, download Transit app to your new phone and log in. You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to transfer your account to this smart phone. Please note, accounts can only be transferred between smartphones three (3) times in six (6) months. This is a preventative measure to protect you from fraud and theft.

I received an error message: “No tickets available for sale” or “Unable to Purchase Tickets”, what do I do?

This is caused by either the account or the smart phone being locked out from Tapp Pay. Contact RTA Customer Service at 937-425-8300 or ask an RTA staff member assistance.

If I have questions or need more information, who can I contact?

RTA Customer Service at 937-425-8300 or ask an RTA staff member.