Frequently Asked Questions about RTA Strike

Where do I find the latest information on RTA?

RTA’s website (

Sign up for alerts at RTA will provide the most current service information via the RTA alert system which delivers travel advisories to your smartphone.

Twitter feed at @GDRTA and Facebook feed at

To speak to an RTA Representative please call (937) 425-8300.

Since a strike notice was received, how long do you think a strike will last? 

On December 28, 2016 bus drivers and mechanics of the ATU Local 1385 announced their intent to strike, effectively bringing public transportation in the Dayton region to a halt.  The union’s notice indicated their intent to strike at 12:01 AM on January 9th. 

However, the Union may choose to strike at any time after 12:01am on January 9th which is why RTA cannot accurately predict when a strike would officially begin or end.  Should a strike occur, RTA will advise customers via all communication channels.

While every effort is being made to prevent a strike through negotiations with the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1385, RTA cannot accurately predict when a strike would officially begin or end. 

In the event of a strike, RTA will make every effort to get buses back in service as quickly as possible but we cannot determine how long a strike would last.

How do I find out if my bus will be affected by a strike? 

In the event of a strike, on day one, all fixed route bus services will cease operation.  Should enough qualified drivers become available, RTA does have a plan in place to provide limited services.  RTA will advise customers via all communication channels should these services become available. 

If there is no fixed route bus service, how will I get to work, school or other activities?

There are a number of options customers who are not able to drive can explore:

Walking and cycling – Dayton has an outstanding network of paved cycling and pedestrian paths available to those who can walk to work or want to cycle.  Visit for more information.

Carpooling or ride sharing – Even if you don’t have a car, speak to your friends or neighbors; they may be heading in the same direction as you. You can also visit to find carpool partners near your home or work place.  Ridesharing options such as carpooling, taxis, Uber or Lyft are also available.

Alternative work arrangements – Speak with your employer about alternative work arrangements, like working from home.

Other alternative transit options – RTA staff will be available to assist customers with other travel options by calling (937) 425-8300 or visit

Can I still utilize Project Mobility during the strike?

In an effort to support RTA customers to the extent able, RTA will provide during the strike, limited Project Mobility services to eligible customers traveling for medical care to and/or from medical facilities such as doctors’ offices, hospitals, urgent care centers and dialysis centers.  Limited services will be provided Monday through Saturday between the hours of 6am and 6pm.

Beginning day one of the strike, the RTA Call Center will only accept next day trip requests between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Sunday through Friday.  To request a trip, please call (937) 425-8300. 

Eligible customers may only request a single one way or round trip request.  All services will be provided free of charge.  Capacity is limited and not all trip requests may be accommodated.

If drivers are striking, who will be driving Project Mobility buses or any fixed-route buses?

Only trained and qualified drivers will be authorized to drive vehicles and provide customer service in the event of a strike.

I’ve already paid for a transit pass, will I be reimbursed or receive credit for the period of service disruption?

Yes. Please hold on to your pass for reimbursement OR to serve as credit towards the purchase of a future pass. 

Will Wright Stop Plaza and Other Transit Centers remain open during the strike?

Wright Stop Plaza and Northwest Transit Center will remain open during regularly scheduled hours.  All other transit centers will remain closed.

Will the strike affect Greyhound bus services at the Northwest Transit Center?

RTA will operate Greyhound services out of the Northwest Transit Center for the duration of the strike. Contact RTA or Greyhound for more information on service impacts:

I am planning to attend a RTA event, or an event where RTA was scheduled to be present. Will that event still happen?

RTA staff plan to continue with regularly-scheduled events for marketing and informational purposes. If you have concerns about a marketing event, contact RTA via the Facebook page: or contact RTA at (937) 425-8300.

Will RTA administrative staff still be conducting business during a strike?

All non-ATU union employees will be required to report to work as-scheduled in the event of a strike.

Will the RTA Certification Center for Project Mobility and Reduced Fares remain open during the strike?

RTA will not maintain certification appointments and process certifications after the agency's received a strike notice and during the strike.  During the strike period, all pending certifications will be granted an extension and will be rescheduled following the strike.  The Certification Center will also not issue reduced fare identification cards during the strike.

How can I make a complaint during the strike?

If you have questions or concerns relating to the strike and need to speak with a Customer Service Representative, call (937) 425-8300.   You can write a letter to executive leadership regarding your concerns. For contact information, visit

Can I still apply for a job at RTA during a strike?

RTA will continue to accept employment applications. To see a list of available positions, visit

Where can I ask more questions related to the strike?

To directly address your concerns, please “Write to the Top” by visiting and contact the RTA. CEO Mark Donaghy can also be reached via email at