Safety and Security

Besides information on what to look for and who to contact, RTA will also provide current updates to news and information about staying safe while riding our buses, useful tips to better your riding experience and resources that can be useful in other areas of your life.

Whether you’re following your regular commute route or on your way to a movie or meet up with friends, public transit is a key part of your day. You know public transit, and no one can spot something suspicious or out of place better than you.

RTA has initiated a local public awareness campaign called: "See Something,Say Something"TM to raise the awareness of transit safety with our customers to be aware of dangerous or inappropriate activities on the bus, in transit centers or at bus stops. The program’s aim is to encourage the public to tell RTA officials about the activity they may have seen. Look for billboards and information cards on RTA buses and transit centers.

When travelling the on RTA, customers may protect themselves from becoming victims of crime by keeping alert and following a few proven crime prevention techniques. The following information will help you in making your RTA travels safer and more enjoyable.

Personal Safety:

Always be alert and aware of your surroundings and the people around you. Refrain from listening to music or wearing headphones while riding the transit system. (IPods, cell phones and portable radios will distract you and could make you a potential target)

  • Avoid talking to strangers, especially in isolated areas.
  • lf carrying a purse, hold it tightly and close to your body.
  • If carrying a wallet, keep it in a front pocket.
  • lf you are attacked, scream or blow a whistle in order to bring attention to your situation.

At Transit Centers:

  • When waiting for a bus, stay in a central location that is occupied by other customers (it's true that there is safety in numbers).
  • lf you are on the platform or inside the center, always spot a transit ambassador or other RTA staff to assist you if needed.

On Buses:

  • Try to avoid isolated bus stops.
  • Stand near others and in well-lighted areas, move to your bus as it arrives.
  • During off hours, ride as near the bus driver as possible.
  • lf trouble occurs, notify the bus driver. The bus driver can radio into the dispatcher, who can then notify the RTA security team or police department.

Park and Ride - Walking To Your Car:

  • Briskly and confidently walk to your vehicle.
  • Scan the area as you walk and be aware of the people in the area.
  • lf someone looks suspicious, move away from him/her. Call 911.
  • Have your keys out and ready before you reach your vehicle.
  • Once you have reached your car, quickly check the interior for any possible intruders. - - - - lf clear, enter the car and quickly lock the door behind you.

Inform Your Children:

  • If your children ride the RTA alone, please advise them not to talk to strangers.
  • Teach them how to contact the police, bus operators, transit ambassadors for assistance and help.