Rules of the Road

No smoking, eating, or drinking on RTA buses.

Shirt and shoes must be worn.

Customers must use headsets when listening to audio devices.

Customers are asked to refrain from using cell phones while on RTA buses.

No profanity, disruptive, threatening or abusive behavior.

No littering.

Do not stick hands, arms, head or objects out of windows.

Keep aisles clears; strollers must be folded and stowed within the seat area.

Do not stand in front of the standee line.

Do not open windows while climate control systems are in use.

Keep feet off seats, and do not take up more than one seat.

Bicycles must be functional and able to be secured on bike rack.

Senior or disabled passengers must show RTA’s reduced fare card to receive the discounted fare.

Customers must vacate designated seating areas for older passengers and riders with disabilities as requested by RTA operators.

Customers may not carry onto an RTA vehicle any item which could cause injury or damage to RTA riders or property, including hazardous materials such as gasoline, propane tanks and car batteries, except lawfully carried and possessed firearms.

Customers must maintain personal hygiene so as not to offend fellow patrons.

Ski masks and hoodies must be removed upon boarding the bus.